Site-specific theatre production by Liavaag/Lindberg

Is there place in our society for human flaws? And do we manage to accept ourselves and each other as flaws?

Among shelves, food and colorful advertising posters, costumers and employees are shopping. A mosaic of different stories, about people in small and large life crises that gradually become a community – a chorus. Lamentations and streams of thought are heard, shopping carts are filled. The store – like the community – offers endless choices. Customers try to act correctly while navigating between products and flawed goods.

FLAWED PRODUCT is a site-specific piece about humans small and bigger crisis. The performance is played in a grocery store during the opening hours of the store, where the audience gets access to the lives of three customers and one employee.

The text is based on collected documentary material from people in imbalance. Among shelves, groceries and customers, the audience meets people who express the need to be understood despite their fragility. The stories are told in an audible universe using headphones. The company plays with the contrasts between the realistic texts and the room, along with a physical play style.

The performance has performed in Rema 1000 stores in Trondheim, Verdal, Inderøy and Steinkjer on collaboration with Rosendal Teater and Turnéteatret in Trøndelag.

Artistic team:
By: Liavaag / Lindberg
Written and directed by Ingrid Liavaag
Performers: Petra Casale, Oda Aunan, Cecilie Solberg and Silje Lindberg
Dramaturg: Siri Løkholm Ramberg
Sound Designer: Yvonne Stenberg
Composer: Martin Rane Bauck
Costume: Jenny Hilmo Teig
Technician: Leik Raknes Find
Producer: Silje Lindberg and Rose Aker
Photo: Daniel Al Paida Larsen
Graphic Design: Ginevra Dondina

Foto: Hanna Fauske

«Flawed product» is an original performance that challenges the genre format, and works on its own premise in a good way. That in itself makes it solid. In addition, the performance creates a fascinating audience contract by allowing the unpredictable, dynamic action to take place both close to, but also liberating independent of, the audience. The actors are talented, and Jenny Hilmo Teig has dressed them up in costumes that make them just stand out from most customers, but not excessively.» Eline Bjerkan, Scenekunst.no

Foto: Hanna Fauske


«Sometimes I get the feeling of participating in a movie because I move around freely and even choose the perspective in a locked and fixed room. At other times it could have been radio theater, because the soundscape in the ear is large and advanced, with the dialogue in the shop, the actors’ thoughts and music.» – Willy Walder, Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift.

«A completely different and demanding theater performance that really succeeded with what it set out to do.» – Amund Grimstad

The performance is supported by:
Norsk Kulturfond
Trøndelag Fylkeskommune
Steinkjer kommune
Cultiva Ekspress
Dramatikkens hus
Rosendal Teater og Turnéteatret i Trøndelag

The manuscript is a part of the «New Norwegian Drama Catalog 2017/2018» produced by The Norwegian Center for New Playwriting (NCNP) Dramatikkens Hus.

Production concept Liavaag/Lindberg. Directed and written by Liavaag/Lindberg Director: Ingrid Liavaag Co-creators and performers: Silje Lindberg, Oda Aunan, Petra Casale, Ingrid Liavaag, Haakon Strøm Dramaturge Siri Løkholm Ramberg Producer Guri Glans