“MELP – mennesker er laget av porselen”
(people are made of porcelain)

is an interdisciplinary performing arts project created by the theatre company Liavaag/Lindberg.

In MELP you are welcomed into an unrefined universe and a game of construction and deconstruction of the body. In the rituals and cycles of an underworld, a tribe tries to reconcile themselves with the passing of time.

The performance is a fragmentarium of choreographed moments and images that portrays the different transitions in life. Together with live contemporary music, a physically and rough, performance plays out.

«MELP – mennesker er laget av porselen» was shown at Bærum Kunsthall, Oslo, August 2017:

photos by Emily Read

Directors, choreography Liavaag/Lindberg performers Håkon Vadstein, Ingrid Liavaag, Vibeke Vigeland costume design Siri Hjorth visual artist Vigdis Storsveen assistant visual artist artist Nikolai Lieblein Røsæg composers Martin Rane Bauck, Vilde&Inga musicians Vilde&Inga (Vilde Sandve Alnæs og Inga Margrete Aas)