Ide concept and director Ingrid Liavaag.

With the performance Nuclear Family, Liavaag is again playing with the distinction between the private and the public. A family is eating dinner. Mother, father, and their daughter. We are invited to watch their cozy routine through a big window, separating their private life form the public streets. In headphones, we listen to the couples-therapy sessions, witnessing their marital difficulties due to narrowed gender roles.

Director: Ingrid Liavaag. Performers: Christine Ryndak Marcland, Julien Marcland, Enora Marcland. Sound: Siri Bråtveit.Curator Catherine Baÿ. 

NuclearFamily was first performed as part of the weekend performance concept Tranche de vie curated by Catherine Bay.

The work is supported by: Sørnorsk filmsenter, Oslo National academy of the arts, Norwegian art counsel / Kulturrådet and Cité international des arts Paris.

photos: Ingrid Liavaag