Theatre and performance


Production by Liavaag/Lindberg

79,60, is a physical performance where consumerism and mental unbalance are thematised. The production premieres in spring 2017.

79,60,- production concept: Liavaag/Lindberg. Director: Pernille Lindstad. Text: Documentary text developed by Liavaag/Lindberg. Scenography and costumes: Thale Kvam Olsen assisted by Nikolai Lieblein Røsæg. Light design: Magnus Myrvold. Sound: Antony Aubert, Producer: Guri Glans. Co-creators and performers: Silje Lindberg, Haakon Strøm, Oda Aunan, Ingrid Liavaag. Dramaturge: Siri Løkholm Ramberg. Co-produced by Dramatikkens Hus, Scenekunst Sør. Supported by Fund for Freelance (NSF), Fund for Performing Artists (FFUK) and SPENN.


Bilde fra video og event på Dramatikkens hus. Photo: Ingrid Liavaag.

Photo Ingrid Liavaag 2015.


Production by Ingrid Liavaag

«We get old, and we die, sooner not later»

By constructing and deconstructing human existence, MELP is a performance about aging. This natural process of impermanence that modern society seems to detest.

MELP production concept: Ingrid Liavaag.
Director: Ingrid Liavaag. Scenography and visual-concept: Vigdis Storsveen assisted by Nikolai Lieblein Røsæg. Producer: Jorunn Kjersem Hildre. Co-creators and performers: Silje Lindberg, Håkon Vadstein Karlstad, Veronica Bruce, Alma Bø, Vibeke Vigeland. Composer: Martin Rane Bauck. Musicians: Vilde&Inga. the project is supported by Dansekunst Østfold og Glasslåven kunstsenter.

Photo: Kristine Meinseth. From «MELP» at Fletta Kulturhelg Oslo 2016.


Production by Ingrid Liavaag and Veronica Bruce

BLUE, BLEU, BLÅ is a video-instalation and performance project. We want to bring up the history of the color blue, in relation to its local and cultural connontations in the countries where we work.

Co-production with Catherine Bay – The Window, Paris.

Composer: Martin Rane Bauck.