Theatre and performance



Liavaag/Lindberg is a Norwegian company where the two artists Silje Lindberg and Ingrid Liavaag work together with physical theatre, film and performance art.





Liavaag/Lindberg’s first short-film Memento Mori is in process, read more here.


Photo: Ole Marius Dhal, Svalbard 2016.



They are currently working on the theater production 79,60,-, where consumerism and mental unbalance are thematised. read more here


Photo Ingrid Liavaag 2015.



By constructing and deconstructing human existence, MELP is a performance about aging. This natural process of impermanence that modern society seems to detest. read more here





Photo: Kristine Meinseth. From «MELP» at Fletta Kulturhelg Oslo 2016.


Whitelight Theater F


Ingrid is a member of Whitelight Theater F, an interdisciplinary theater company currently building it’s own stage in Oslo.

Whitelight Theater F was founded in 2014. Director Pernille Lindstad is trained from Stockholm Dramatic Academy. In addition to their stage at Tøyen, the company move their site-specific scene and play at specific places that are relevant to the theme of each piece. Theater F is probably best known for the stunt show «ABB – About how to create a vaccine against terror». In 2015 a long table covered the stairs in front of the courthouse and the company debated whether it was at all possible to create theater on July 22.

Their latest show was «Long day’s journey – an act of escape» inspired by Eugene O’Neill «Long day’s journey into night»:

«Undoubtedly a different and original way to think of theater.» – Ida Lou Larsen.

You can read the review here.

Photo Mike Sygut from «Long Day's Journey - an act of escape».

Photo Mike Sygut. From «Long Day’s Journey – an act of escape» 2016. 



RemoteControl Theatre

Liavaag is co-artistic director of RemoteControl Theatre based in London UK.

RemoteControl Theatre is a Physical theater company, with performers and makers trained from Ecole Jaques Lecoq 2010-2012. The company makes theatre investigating the more obscure realms of human nature. Their first piece, «La Donna è Mobile» was nominated for the Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. The piece was performed a Summerhall in Edinburgh, New Diorama Theatre in London, Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis UK, and at Beijing Fringes in China, just to mention some some of the places.

La Donna è Mobile was deemed as a «MUST SEE» by The Stage.

Photo edited by Clara Midori. From «La Donna è Mobile» Summerhall 2013.


“If you liked visceral drama The Shit/La Merda last year, this funny, wild, touching and empowering performance will be right up your street”. – The Stage  

«They’re the first company I’ve seen to use nudity with a sense of power like a punch to the gut.»  A Younger Theatre 

«behind the humour lies a confrontational, barbed edge and a bucketload of attitude. Not that we would wish exile on anyone, but please let this company maroon themselves again to see what they come up with next.» – Fest Magazin 

Their second piece «Project HaHa» was performed at Full spin Festival in Essen and at the Edinburgh Fringes festival 2014.