Short film

FISH is a visual game with identity.

Lost in life and suffering from severe eczema which turns her skin into fish scales, Sarah travels to see her father whom she hardly knows and who is incapable of helping her. While on a boat trip together out at sea, Sarah dives into the water, resolving to become a fish.

The short, FISH, premiered at La Guarimba International Film Festival (Italy) in 2020, and has later been officialy selected to screen at
Omladinski Film Festival (Bosnia-Hercegovina, 2020)
Festival International Music&Cinema (France, 2021)
Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth (Canada, 2021)
Compétition Courts-Métrages Européens (2021)

Director: Ingrid Liavaag
Actors: Silje Lindberg & Lars Arentz-Hansen
Photographer: Marius Matzow Gulbrandsen
Screen writer: Ingrid Liavaag
Co-writer: Mikkel Trier Rygård
Producer: Them Girls Film by Stine Blichfeldt

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Supported by
Sørnorsk Filmsenter
Arendal Kommune
Nordnorsk Filmsenter