Short Film

KNOTS is a short film about a young girl’s perception of her parents’ marital issues.

Happy families are all alike;
every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

-Leo Tolstoy

Director & writer: Ingrid Liavaag
Producer: AmodeiVisual / Malene Oppheim
Distributors: Peggy Høy, Chakalakafilms & Jack Filmbyrå

Nora of four is a constant witness of her parents’ marital problems due to stringent gender roles. After yet another argument in their small city apartment, the family goes to find some air at their countryside-house, outside of Paris. Their issues do not subside, and Nora understands that a new baby is on the way. Back in the city she runs away from the suffocating situation. During her walk through the streets of Paris, the four-year-old discovers the city, as well as her own independence.

Awards and prices:
Kamilla prize for best short film of the year at Sørnorsk filmsenter

About the director:
Relationships are recurring themes in Liavaags work, they constitute the framework for her philosophical questions about gender and feminism. Based on sociological aspects of human life, she is plaing with the boundaries between the staged and the real, the private and the public.

Cast & crew

Actors & co-writers: Christine Ryndak Marcland, Julien Marcland, Enora Marcland, Paul Marcland, Romy Bousquet and Ranti Bam.
Cinematographers: Youssef Chebbi, Ingrid Liavaag
Assistant director: Siri Bråtveit
Editors: Silvia Rossi & Ingrid Liavaag
Sound mixers: Siri Bråtveit & Hector Ulloque
Composed & musician: Natali Abrahamsen Garner
Score mix: Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard
Score mastering: Isak Nygaard // Esther Recordings
Sound design: Øyvind Planting
Online & colour: Adrian Dark
Graphic designer: Ginevra Dondina

Supported by
Sørnorsk Filmsenter AS by Ingrid Falkenberg Dokka and Kirsten Bonnén Rask
Oslo National Academy of the Arts - KHiO
Agder county municipality
Cité internationale des arts Paris
Kulturradet - Arts Council Norway - The Audio and Visual Fund