Multidisciplinary trilogy , 40 min, video projection combining live action.


A trilogy; three lives, three facades, in three chapters

Three women

in three rooms

in three different stages of life

opens the facade and allows us to observe them

in a moment of chaos

their repetitive patterns seem to hold them


An interdisciplinary project which combines video projection with a staging

and is a continuous play with the relationship between the private and the public,

between fiction and reality

Each of the three women in these stories exemplifies different aspects of the way women stereotypically lose a sense of control over their own lives due to repetitive patterns they struggle to identify in themselves, in society and in the family structures in which they operate.

This project is inspired by the book "Three lives" by Gertrude Stein. First published in 1909, a modernist book that explores writing through portraiture, cubism and a continuous presence. Stein was also influenced by photography and the moving image—how something is captured, even repeated, but never stands still except in the actual precise moment it is captured. And how we, the observer, need to be present in that same moment.

The project is a combination of architecture, cinematography, performing arts and public space.

Chapter 1. ANNA. March 2024 Therese street 35b

Where: Theresesgate 35B, Oslo


Wednesday. 20. mars 2024    19.00.  Duration 40 min

Thursday.    21. mars 2024     19.00. Duration 40 min

Thursday.    21. mars 2024     20.15. Duration 40 min

Friday.        22. mars 2024     19.00. Duration 40 min

Friday.        22. mars 2024      20.15. Duration 40 min

The project is made by:

Ingrid Liavaag and Ingri Enger Damon

Ingrid Liavaag, (screenwriter, director and producer)

Ingri Enger Damon, (screenwriter, co-director and performer)

Produced by Peggy Høy AS


Selome Emnetu, Kristine Hartgen, Ingri Enger Damon, Manish Sharma, Anna Dworak, Maj-Britt Aagaard, Forstudium Theatre.


Marte Vold (cinematographer) Tora Turøy (B photo - DIT) Brynjar Aune (editor) Therese Diesen (Sound Design) Vilde Hagestande (Sound manager - b sound) Cecilie de Lange (set design) Signe Vasshus (costume) Klaus Rodahl (lighting design) Jeremy Stewart (lighting Assistant) Valia Phyllis Zwart (co-producer) Thor Mar (production manager) Niklas Adam (sound engineer) Eivind Lundby (Prod. Assistant) Ditteke Waidelich (consultant) Mads Faste Liang Nilsen - Projektor Pøblene (video folders) Ylva Greni (graphic designer)

Thanks to:

Anders Bayer, special advisor and communications - Ullevål hospital, Jørgen Brun for car, Bakkehaugen Borettslag for laundry cellar, Mohammed Al Saidy at Circle K Bøler, Filmassist AS, Både og As for cutting room, Marius Erikstad for model of Thereses gate

Special thanks to:

Johanne White Larsen, board member of Thereses gate 35 and all the neighbours.

Supported by
Art Council Norway:
Performing arts.
Visual arts.

Fond for lyd og bilde - scenekunst
Fond for frilansere